Energy solutions squared!


ENERGIQ Kft. was established in 2010 with the main goal to build up a knowledge base and make it available to players of the energy market, but above all to regulators and energy users. The transfer of the knowledge contained in the knowledge base supports the activity of the operators of business life, who are mainly energy traders, energy producers, energy suppliers, energy buyers, regulators, and authorities operating in the energy sector. We intend to participate in the scientific work which promotes efficient energy management and energy optimisation in Hungary. Another goal is to provide expert advice in the energy market to large and medium sized consumers: to help consumers, aligned to the opportunities and conditions offered by the free market, to find their way and make decisions, in particular with regard to their natural gas purchases. We do this fully independently from any trading company, only to represent the interests of consumers.

In 2013, more than 5 per cent (500 million cubic meters) of Hungary’s total natural gas consumption (9,000 million cubic meters) was supplied to the users in collaboration with our company.